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January 3, 2016

Here we are now in 2016. Unfortunately... Scotty ChaseL 2075 is pretty much done. Nothing has transpired over at and that was my last hope. Scotty Chase is not as polished asmany shows are, and do smooth out the rough edges will simply take too much time for me - not to mention more money than I can muster.

So... Scotty Chase will end at two episodes. It's still being shown at - and there is STILL a chance that a distributor may choose to move forward - but that is highly doubtful.

Anyway... I would like to thank everyone who wanted to be involved with Scotty Chase and took time to work on it. I really do appreciate it. I wish things had turned out differently, but most projects like this rarely get off the ground. Still, I am happy that I chose to work on this show since I learned a great deal and was actually able to complete it - something that not everyone can accomplish.

I will now move on to other projects not dealing with cartoon animation. Of course... should a distributor be interested in Scotty Chase, I will be more than happy to pick up where I left off and create more episodes - I've got MANY stories in the pipeline that are waiting to be told.

Again... (and SERIOSULY) thanks!

Dave Williams

July 15, 2015

Well... seems to have NOT worked out. There are still two companies that MAY be interested in distribution, but nothing has been settled. I have been told be my contacts at ScreenHits that "these things can take a long time." How long is a long time... I have no idea. But it's certainly longer than I expected.

I've also been contacting a veriety of distributors - like Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, Comcast, Vudu, etc. - but so far not even a nibble. Perhaps if I knew what I was doing, this would be easier. ;)

I did create a new trailer - one that incorporates the original trailer and adds shots from episode #2. It's about 2min and 15sec long. Not too bad - in fact I think it shows the world I intend for Scotty Chase better than the pilot does. I'm almost at the point where I think that Scotty Chase is pretty much done. Personally I would LOVE to continue to make episodes, but I simply don't have the funds to do so. We're just managing to BARELY stay afloat financially as it is.

Well... we'll see what happens during the next couple of months, but as you would expect, I'm not holding my breath. I apologize to everyone who got their hopes up thinking that this just might make it. I certainly know the feeling. Scotty Chase is NOT polished, but I always thought it had potential.

Again... thanks!

Dave Williams

August 5, 2014

Scotty Chase: 2075 is now live on We have about six months to "make our mark" and hopefully acquire braodcasters around the world. This has probably been our best chance to date to obtain funding for a season of Scotty Chase.

Our Scotty Chase pilot episode is now about one hour - this is actually episode #1 parts one and two as well as episode #2. We decided to include episode #2 since it is actually a continuation of the pilot AND it has a rgeat deal more action and suspense direclty involving the kids. I realize that it's not an hour "chock full of excitement," but I believe that it does show promise.

If you can, tell everyone (and more) about - you can get more information from our show site - and give us a favorable review. This may be our last chance to move Scotty Chase forward. I would LOVE to hire a production crew of animators, compositors, editors, writers and musicians.

Our ultimate goal is NOT to just produce more episodes of Scotty Chase, but to become a full production company that produces more cartoon series as well as animated movies based on childrens books. There are so many great stories "out there" that would make incredible movies and we would like to be the ones to create them. Hopefully you can help us by spreading the word and giving positive ratings!

And I know I keep saying it and it may seem insincere. Believe me, I am VERY sincere. Thank You!

Dave Williams

July 16, 2014 has accepted our pilot episode to show. It will be shown to subscribers AND to content buyers around the world. The pilot has been re-edited to include episode #2 since that episode was essentialy just a continuation of the pilot - and this is good since IMO it had better pacing and more action dealing with JUST the kids. The pilot is now just over 60 minutes long.

You can check out info on ScreenHits here:

and here:

Obviously there are no guarantees, but each additional venue is just one more chance to move Scotty Chase into series production. doesn't go "live" until August 1st - and I do not know how long it will take for anything to develop, if it even will. But my fingers are crossed. Send positive thoughts our way. :)

Again... thanks!

Dave Williams

June 12, 2014

We have submitted Scotty Chase to two potential venues. One is RedskinTV and the other is ScreenHits. RedskinTV has said they are interested, but whether or not a deal goes through has to do with how much money we can acquire for each episode. For example, while $25k may sound like alot of cash, after you pay voice artists and a writer and a couple of animators... you will end up OWING money. We're not talking six figures here, but in order to assemble a decent number of animators as well as writers and musicians, we would need a decent five figure number. For $25k, I could personally create at least two episodes a year and have a pretty good life - but I'm sure most of you would agree that two episodes a year would not really create a Scotty Chase following.

So we end up doing what we've been doing - WAIT. I would expect that by the end of this month - June - we should know if either of these potential venues will work out. Also, ConvergTV is still potentially viable and we're still waiting to see how the merger with that "international telecommunications company" ends up.

The moment I know more, I'll let everyone know. And if it's REALLY good news, I'll be emailing everyone ASAP.


Dave Williams

March 24, 2014

Nothing new on the revenue front, but we did receive some info from ConvergTV.

ConvergTV has been acquired by "an international telecommunications company." The hope is that this will provide much greater access to various markets AND stronger pomotion of the channel.

I inquired for further information, but was simply told that "we should have more information in a couple of weeks." So as always... it's hurry up and wait. I am ready to move forward with episode #3, but until I receive some funding this will not happen. My voice talent cannot work for free and I certainly would not expect them - or anyone else - to work for nothing. They already help me with great discounts!

Perhaps when we know that there WILL be some decent revenue, we can begin episode #3 and more importantly begin to create a studio crew with various writers and musicians that will propel Scotty Chase into the public consciousness. As soon as I know something more, I'll let everyone know.

Until then, I'll leave you with a line from the Dennis DeYoung song "Don't wait for Heroes" - "Winners are losers who got up and gave it just one more try."

I live by that sentiment.

Here's hoping for better news in the next post!


Dave Williams

January 1, 2014

I probably should have waited to post anything, since I have nothing at the moment ot post. But... I figured that many check this page early in the month so I SHOULD write something.

Still no word from ConvergTV. I DO expect to hear soemthing from them before the end of this month, but as I said previously, I doubt it will be great news. It's going to take a LONG while to get viewership for a new channel AND to acquire enough advertisers to make it profitable.

I COULD go to another network - though everything I've seen that allows us to retain control requires US to SELL ad time to advertisers which is how we are supposed to make money. I don't know about you, but I'm a content creator and NOT a salesperson. I hate selling. Still... if things don't pick up this year, I will have little choice.

Regarding episode #3... It's storyboarded and ready to go. Still not able to afford the voice talent - and they have been VERY helpful in reducing their rates since they are well aware of the situation we're in. But even at the reduced cost, we just don't have it. In fact we need to bring in more work SOON JUST to make basic ends meet. I know that this is something that no one really wants to hear, but them's the facts. We need our archviz business to increase so we can make enough money to pay our regular bills AND pay our voice artists.

In between regular work and other things we're trying to make money with... I'll be setting up scenes for episode #3. Of course I would MUCH rather hear great news from ConvergTV telling us that we've got LOTS of money coming our way - but I won't hold my breath.

I'm sure that many of your are tiring of hearing the same things over and over again. Trust me, so am I. Whatever news I eventually hear from ConvergTV, I will let you know right away. There is nothing more I would like than to be able to work with EVERYONE making new episodes of Scotty Chase. Hopefully... that will happen soon. In the meantime, THANK YOU for sticking around and checking in!

Dave W.

November 4, 2013

Info from ConvergTV

Episode #2 - "BattleBot Attack!" has been uploaded to the ConvergTV servers. I was just informed that it has been programmed into the schedule and will debut Saturday, November 23rd.

I've also been told that we probably won't know anything about payouts to producers (WE are the producer) for about 8 weeks. So the earliest we would probably know ANYTHING won't be until after the first of the New Year. And even then I don't expect it to be anywhere near what we would need to begin hiring. Why? Because currently ConvergTV only has ONE channel that is a pay channel through Roku and Vidora (Amazon, netTalk and Google ChromeCast are coming soon) which is called The Venture Channel and that is essentially a travel channel. Classic cartoons (as well as Scotty Chase) are being broadcast, but I sincerely doubt people are buying into the channel dur to Scotty Chase.

ConvergTV will have more channels - a Kids channel and an Animation channel - but I don't expect them to debut for MANY months. So any money we do receive will go into the Digital Sorcery Warehouse account and REMAIN THERE until we have enough to go into production, or discover that there won't be enough to actually move forward. Obviously I'm an optimist and fully expect to move Scotty Chase forward.

I'm sure that there are many of you who are wondering WHY this is taking so long. And... *I* am one of you. I cannot believe that this is moving so incredibly slowly. But we am determined to keep Scotty Chase alive. In fact I've already started writing the plot for episode #3. Of course I REALLY wish I was handing this over to a new writer, no capital prevents that. In fact even after I complete the plot AND the script, I probably won't have enough to contract the voice talent. We'll be preparing everything during pre-production such as new sets and characters - and probably even setting up the scenes. Then when we can eventually afford the voice talent, we'll be ready to plug in the lipsync and be off and running.

Anyway... I know you all wish you were creating the music NOW and writing the stories NOW, but we still have to wait. As Tom Petty said... "The waiting is the hardest part." He was most definitely right!

As soon as I know any more, I'll let you know ASAP. And again, thanks for hanging in there.

Dave W.

October 15, 2013

Episode #2 has been completed!

We'll be uploading/sending ConvergTV the completed 22 minute episode, "BattleBot Attack!" shortly. While it's almost impossible to be seriously objective, this episode (in my opinion) is FAR more exciting than the first two-part episode AND has better pacing.

With episode #2 completed, I can't believe that we're ready to begin episode #3. Unfortunately there is no way to complete it at this time since we are unable to pay our voice actors - and we will NEVER ask anyone to work for free. On quite a few occasions we've been asked to "do this for free and you'll get lots of exposure" or "we have many projects that you'll receive" if we do this ONE thing for free. We fell for it once, never again. And we certainly would not put anyone into that position since there is no way anything can be guaranteed.

Of course we're hoping that with episode #2 in the can, we can move forward WITH ConvergTV and produce new episodes with a real crew of people - writers, musicians, animators - who are committed to creating a great adventure for kids. We shall see.

Once again, sorry for the LONG delay. Unfortunately we have no idea how much longer it will be. Obviously if we had our way, we'd be hiring today. We certainly appreciate your patience.

Stay Tuned! :)

And thanks again!

August 14, 2013

We're approximately 50% completed on the episode. What set us back is actual PAYING work coming in, and that essentially takes precedence over Scotty Chase since we have to pay the mortgage and eat - as do our cats.

Completed several shots with explosions and they have come out nicely with debris scattering everywhere. Nice to see bullet physics in Lightwave working without a great deal of pain. Hopefully there will be an even better implementation in the next upgrade.

The BIG news is... Scotty Chase is being televised through ConvergTV! If you go to the ConvergTV website ( and click on the Venture Channel Guide tab, there is a program guide. Mouse on the program guide and you'll see an arrow at the right - click on that once and you'll see Scotty Chase listed at the 7am to 6am slot and the 4pm to 5pm slot.

It's just too bad that we don't have episode #2 completed. I know that if I were a kid and viewing this show, I would get pretty tired of watching the exact same episode and would wonder when I could see the NEXT episode. As a kid growing up, I didn't understand about shows being cancelled - I just waited and waited for the next episode, which often never came.

I personally work EVERY DAY on Scotty Chase doing one thing or another. When I can concentrate on it fully, I tend to get many shots completed in a day. The next set of shots is in Act Two, Scene 3, which has over 100 shots. Then after that is Act Three and about 30 shots and then some After Effects work creating the BattleBot POV. I hope to begin Act Two, Scene Three soon - have to composite all of Act Two Scenes One & Two first to make sure everything has been done correctly.

Stay Tuned! :)

July 6, 2013

Just completed the first 33% of the second episode - Act One - completely rendered and composited. Not edited of course, but that usually comes at the end when I integrate first the dialog, then the sound effects and finally the music. The difficult part is editing the sections to be precisely 7min, 7min30sec & 7min30sec for a total of 22 minutes. This has to be precise and aside from cutting the first two part episode one into this format, I've never done anything like this so it's... a learning experience.

I begin Act Two tonight and hopefully begin to render Sunday and into the week. Actual paying work has been coming in relatively steady so it's not been extremely conducive to being productive on Scotty Chase. With our credit cards up VERY high, my priority is to get them down, pay our estimated taxes and survive.

The episode IS looking very good though. The Battlebots shooting lasers have come out great and the explosions look great as well. Of course Act Two is FAR more exciting and action-packed. This will be the most serious action that Scotty Chase has seen and I've ever attempted. It should be an interesting experience. Of course if it turns out as I see it in my mind, things are going to be quite incredible. Act Two is the longest act at probably about 60% of the episode. The final Act Three is only 30 shots or so. So Act Two is going to take allot more time to complete. I am hoping that I get a break from regular "paying work" so that I can get as much done as quickly as I can on Act Two.

Act Two will also have many items that I've never done before such as "real" 3D explosions with items being shattered as well as impact shattering with explosions and lots of rockets! I'm VERY much looking forward to it!

Hopefully I will have another more interesting entry next time. ConvergTV is signing deal after deal to show their channels on various devices, so we'll see where that leads. We still have ZERO information regarding our budget - but then I'm actually glad I don't have it yet since it would most likely be based on only episode #1. Episode #2 will definitely raise the bar and should bring to ConvergTV a better understanding of how future episodes of Scotty Chase will look. MUCH more like Jonny Quest than episode #1.

Stay Tuned! :)

May 16, 2013

I just wanted to confirm that ConvergTV IS showing the 30 second promo of Scotty Chase: 2075 in their rotation of shows on their ConvergTV player. If you haven't checked it out, you can link to it on our homepage. I don't know how often it roates around, but at least I've seen it twice! ;)

Slow going on episode #2 - I've been receiving quite a bit of paying work, so that (unfortunately) takes precedence over Scotty Chase. I certainly look forward to the day when I can move entirely over to Scotty Chase production and get down to some serious work.

Sorry for the incredibly small entry here, just nothing much else to report. As soon as I get anything substantial completed on episode #2, I'll provide a link to a few clips.

Thanks for keeping in touch and staying tuned!

April 28, 2013

Things are moving a little more quickly now. We still don't know how long it will take to discover what our budget will be, but at least there is now significant activity at ConvergTV and our producer there is communicating on a somewhat regular basis. As I've described before, the first channel that will debut is "The Venture Channel" which is probably similar to other "Travel" channels, though primarily independent shows will be aired. Scotty Chase is supposed to be one of these shows that will roll out with this channel, though as I'm sure you understand, Scotty Chase is not quite the content that this channel will represent. They will be rolling out other channels - particularly a kids channel and an animation channel - which will be perfect for our show.

If you haven't checked out our home page, please do so. It now has a link to another page where the ConvergTV player is now located. For a few days - a couple of weeks ago - Scotty Chase was actually in the rotation showing 30 second clips of various shows. I believe that it will be there again. In the "videos" column there was a list of shows that you could click on to see a short preview - Scotty Chase was one of them.

That's it for now. I don't know how much longer it will take, but then... nothing much we can do about it either. :) Thanks for staying tuned!

April 2, 2013

Just got a little more information - and good info it certainly is.

I had emailed our producer over at ConvergTV asking a few questions, and she did provide me with an interesting item.

She said "Initially we will have a children’s programming block on The Venture Channel and Scotty Chase will play initially in this block. We are making a final determination as how to brand our kids channel. Regardless, we expect Scotty Chase to be one of anchor shows for our kids channel."

And there you have it. Although it sounds good, we're still playing a waiting game to see what our budget will be based on the first two-part pilot episode. But as I said in my previous post, I'm hoping to have episode 2 completed that will be added to that budget info. Obviously this is taking time, but I've not given up - episode #2 is well into production - and I think we're in the "next-to-the-last-stretch" - the last stretch will be receiving our budget and, if it's sufficient to begin production, how best to allocate it and move forward.

I've already worked through a number of budgets so I can hit the ground running as soon as we know - but it will still take some time between knowing the budget and fully implementing it. Still... when we do know, YOU will know.

Hope to have more soon!


Dave W.

March 22, 2013

I apologize for not keeping everyone informed - at least as much as I’d LIKE to keep you informed. :) We’ve been busy working on the second episode of Scotty Chase. And ConvergTV has JUST launched (March 21, 2013) the beta version of its first channel, the Venture channel.

ConvergTV ( is planning on having a number of channels and Scotty Chase: 2075 is perfect for at least two of these channels - animation and childrens shows. As I’ve probably said before, the first episode was essentially a “here are all of the characters” episode and is NOT what you are supposed to do when creating a pilot. A pilot SHOULD be an episode that would occur somewhere in the middle of a season. Well... this second episode takes place immediately after the end of the first episode, so it’s not quite “in the middle,” but it has a significantly different flavor. The three kids, Scotty, Macon & Tamika along with the bald villain Mr. Sebastian are the featured players with a short appearance by Eric Chase and a few additional minor characters. The kids are being attacked by three “battlebots” - with the prime ingredients being suspense and action. I think everyone will find that this episode moves far faster than the original pilot and we will also see one of Scotty’s new “powers” that he never knew he possessed.

Hopefully this will increase our chances of moving Scotty Chase forward. Regardless, I feel it is a step in the right direction. Unfortunately we can’t move forward with new Scotty Chase episodes until ConvergTV provides us with a budget which will be based upon the frist two-part episode. I know many have expressed a desire to work for free, but I could not in good conscience move in that direction. Once we have a greenlight, we’ll see what every writer can do. We’ve already got about a dozen storylines ready to go. We’re not ready to go yet, but... we’re ALLOT closer now than we’ve ever been.


Dave Williams

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