Scotty Chase Episodes
Episode #1 - “Who is Scotty Chase?” (Two part pilot episode - 44 minutes total) In the year 2075, three 11 year old kids - Scotty, Macon and Tamika - arrive at the Super Space Station being constructed around Mars. This is the station that Scotty’s dad designed and is building to help save all of humanity. But not everyone wants this station to succeed, and there are competing corporations that will stop at nothing to see this project fail. Scotty and his friends find themselves in the middle of a sinister effort to destroy this station and discredit his father. Plans have been set in motion and by way of a series of events, these three extraordinary kids find themselves as the only ones standing in the way of its total destruction. And Scotty has a secret - one that he doesn’t even know he has. And that secret could change the relationship with his friends forever. Episode #2 - “BattleBot Attack!” (22 minutes runtime) Scotty and his two friends Macon and Tamika encounter three BattleBots sent to destroy them by the bald villain. High above the surface in a monorail car, the three kids hang on perilously as the BattleBots shoot at them with powerful laser blasts. Down below is the river and wooded area - and unless they hang on and defeat these attacking robots, they will soon plunge quickly towards the ground more than a thousand feet straight down! Hopefully Scotty and his friends can find a way before they run out of time. NOTE: New Pilot consists of episodes 1 (parts 1 & 2) and episode #2. Episode #3 - “Cyborg” (In Preproduction) (22 minutes runtime) Episode #3 - “Cyborg” - A long-lost space probe is discovered and it’s lone occupant - part man, part machine - is still alive. But...  he may be unstable and a danger to the kids and the super station.
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