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All of the stories that we have in mind are those that every kid can easily relate to. Each story will be filled with action and adventure and something that all kids will enjoy and eagerly look forward to each episode. And of course having the year 2075 allows us a wide canvas on which to paint and provides us with an enormous palette of colors. Seriously...   kids, spaceships, robots, space stations, Mars - and wonderful stories...  something for kids everywhere! We are also considering stereographic 3D. Having always been fans of cartoons and animation, we decided to create a show for kids. One of our favorite animation shows was the primetime Hanna-Barbera series Jonny Quest. While the style of animation is quite different - from the original 2D cel animation of JQ to the current CGI animation of SC - we plan on following in the footsteps of Jonny Quest and provide cutting edge stories and adventures. We chose to focus on three characters that will entail stories revolving around three close friends - much in the vein of the Harry Potter trio. We wanted to create an interesting show that would keep kids glued to their seats and not talk down to them - something that wasn’t quick-cutting action with little story. We also wanted to create a series that parents could watch along with their kids and not be bored to death. We have already acquired professional writing talent - people who are very familiar writing for TV series animation. The images shown in the trailer accurately represent the style and the look of world that Scotty and his friends and family inhabit. The year 2075 is filled with incredible visuals and never-ending excitement. Please check out the downloads page which allows access to our still-being-updated Series Bible and pilot episode.
About Scotty Chase cont’d.
Episode #2, “BattleBot Attack!” has been completed. Episode #3, “Cyborg,” is in pre-production. Production will commence by May 1st. All of our voice cast is  returning and we expect it to be an exciting adventure! A long lost astronaut from a space probe sent to Jupiter more than 30 years ago has been found alive. In order to survive the rigorous flight, volunteers were recruited and “altered” to become cyborgs - half man, half machine. All three astronauts were thought to have perished long ago, but one has apparently managed to survive. But does he want to? And what danger does he present to the super station as well as Scotty, Macon & Tamika?
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